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Voice Changer Prank Calls 2!


With our 2nd version of change voice during call! you can prank call your Family, Friends, or even boyfriends and girlfriends, this version can be used as voice recorder to record private calls while calling and have fun with your friends and family and prank voice changer, with our update this app can also fake caller id and voice changer in the same time, so you can call anonymous and instant voice changer.Instructions:
1. Open the APP,2. Click on record icon,3. Test your voice,4. Choose an effects Available effects are : 1. British accent 2. Boy , 3. Girl , 4. Deep, 5. Evil 6. high pitch and low pitch, 7. japanese 8. and Much More...5. Play your tested voice what it would be like when changing voice during call,6. Save the file,7. Then call your friends or family to prank them,8. Have Fun!
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